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Equipment rental with a full production cycle
799 000 у.е. / год
      арт: s13499

If you need to use the equipment or you want to reduce the cost of construction of the pipelines, but buying GRP / FRP pipe for a number of reasons why it is not necessary, we offer the equipment on a rental basis with a full production cycle. We offer a wide range of the leased equipment for different pipe diameters.

The object is to provide for the Lessor due to the parties a fee for temporary possession and use of the Lessee the equipment that will be used in their latest production purposes and to obtain business results in accordance with the design and performance of a device to rent.

The object of the lease is a complex of equipment and installation, which is a production line of fiberglass GRP pipes and acting as a property complex with complete production cycle.

Composition rent object - the production of GRP pipe line by winding technology on a rigid mould; model EURO-III; diametrical range from 100 mm to 4000 mm; a capacity of 300 km per year.



p.s. Settlement analysis of the implementation of projects using uslovnoyh rental, production equipment for the manufacturing of GRP pipes for cross winding technology on a rigid frame, you can download in the section "Prices".
You can check the price of product from supplier by telephone number.
You can check the price of product from supplier by telephone numbers
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+(99890) 9399935
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