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Business recycling plastic bottles.
375 000 у.е. / комплект
      арт: s13697

Business recycling plastic bottles.


According to statistics, a person throws about 300 kilograms of waste each year, about 1/3 of whom are plastic bottles. Used PET-packaging is not less valuable than, for example, waste paper or glass bottles. When processing waste PET material is prepared, which is subsequently made from flex (neat it is more like a plastic flakes). again produce packagings flex.

It turns out that the processing of PET bottles - a waste-free production, plastic make flex and vice versa. Moreover, this idea is fully justified in terms of environmental, because in order that the polymer is completely decomposed, must be at least 300 years.

The idea to go into business for the processing of PET bottles can generate a good profit, but only under the condition that a business plan will be drawn up correctly, and you can find this necessary amount of money - for the organization of such an enterprise is not cheap.

The main moments can be considered as the search of the premises, commissioning and supply of raw materials market. This business is not only profitable, but also a very useful exercise. Moreover, such production in the CIS countries is poorly developed, so much competition, you will not.

Organization of a plant for recycling plastic bottles.

Despite the high cost of the equipment, like the business it is really open, with a particular project, and compiled on the basis of its business plan.

You can start searching for premises for the processing line of plastic bottles. The area of ​​this room should be at least 3000 square meters. m. It is desirable that it was outside of the city.

This could be an abandoned warehouse or factory, the main thing to him all the necessary communications are brought. The room should be divided into three parts (it should be borne in mind when drawing up a business plan):

·         for raw materials;

·         for finished products;

·         directly for production.

Price and complicating equipment for the processing of plastic bottles you can find out by sending us a request.

Mandatory elements of production workshop are:

·         agglomerator;

·         granulation line;

·         rotary chopper.    

It is worth noting that this is only a minimum set of required for setting up lines for processing plastic bottles. Below is a list of components of the finished line:

·         Tub for soaking flex;

·         Dynamic Centrifuge is designed for tough cleaning plastics from labels, dirt, residues, etc. Etc .;

·         Hot tub. Water heated to a temperature of 60 degrees, in combination with sodium phosphate provides the most effective cleaning flex;

·         A dispenser feed flakes in the same portions of the pipe with the hot air;

·         The friction screw flex collecting and transporting it in a bath soak. He, in turn, consists of an inclined screw, storage hopper flushing system;

·         Rinsing bath is used to flush the detergent from cereal residues.

Of course, it is possible to acquire and Russian technology, it will be much cheaper, but in this case it is not surprising low power or breakages.

Although there is a third option - is to buy the old equipment, is able to save you up to 50% of the cost.

Among the manufacturers of the equipment for recycling plastics, our partners are leaders. Note that much of the equipment used today is made in China.

Regarding the Russian producers, the quality of their products significantly outperformed even Chinese.



You can check the price of product from supplier by telephone number.
You can check the price of product from supplier by telephone numbers
+(99890) 9205988
+(99890) 9399935
or by writing a letter to them